For sports



Whether you’re exercising to stay fit or preparing for a competition, you’ll benefit greatly from using compression socks.

Our compression socks have been specifically developed for sports and increase blood circulation from the feet and to the heart. The compression socks exert localized pressure on the ankles. This pressure reduces the diameter of the veins, allowing the blood to flow faster and minimizing the risk of blood clot formation. This allows better lymph fluid reabsorption in the veins, but also its drainage back into the blood. As a result, the legs cannot swell as much, water retention is prevented and the legs feel much lighter than they would normally feel without wearing compression socks during exertion.*

Sports compression socks will improve your performance as they optimize the blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles. Compression socks also stabilize the ankle joints, which in turn minimizes the risk of typical sports injuries such as twisted ankles or pulled hamstrings. Compression socks improve muscular regeneration and therefore reduce muscular pain.

Our Pandala Socks Sports Range is manufactured with high-tech fibers. These fibers keep your legs and feet much more drier than cotton.